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Data Retention Policy

In this policy:

References to “I” or “Lucia Garcia” are to Lucia Garcia at Counselling for Change.

References to  “the Website” are to

References to “you” or “the client” refer to the person/body receiving services from Lucia Garcia at Counselling for Change.


This policy is subject to the laws relating to data protection and document retention.

Records from therapy clients

Lucia Garcia doesn’t hold any records relating to clinical notes or accounting records for a period longer than five years, which is an insurance requirement and legal requirement.

Records for clients registered with the Newsletter

Records are kept until the client expresses the desire to unsubscribe from any marketing communication.


This policy will be reviewed annually and amended according to any change in law/legislation.

Further information on Data Retention can be found on the Data Retention Schedule that can be requested by emailing 


Reviewed on: May 2020

Signed by: Lucia Garcia Garcia


Next Review date: May 2021

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